Herbal Medicine 

Plants are the most extraordinary species of Nature and their history goes back to millions of years, long before humankind walked the Earth. 

 Plants are true companions of humans. People were always fascinated by plants and herbs and different cultures used them therapeutically for thousands of years.

According to WHO, ’’60% of the world’s population relies on Herbal Medicine’’ and ’’about 80% of the population in developing countries depends almost totally on it for their primary healthcare needs’’.

Herbal Medicine consultation is a complex, in depth consultation that helps to find out the root cause of imbalance in the body. Herbalist treats each client in an individual holistic way. Physical, mental and emotional health is taken into consideration to deliver the best possible bespoke herbal preparation, and Naturopathic and lifestyle advice. Part of consultation is an insight into your dietary habits, medical history and lifestyle choices. Herbalist may ask you to record your diet and will help you to improve it with simple guidance and modification.