is a gentle therapy that dates back to 5000 years. It played a major role in Ayurveda (ancient Indian holistic healing system that is still used worldwide these days), in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), in Egypt, Africa and Native American tribes.

It is based on the theory that our feet are a reflection of our bodies and our overall state of wellbeing. There are thousands and thousands of reflexes on our feet interconnected with various parts of our body systems, organs and tissues. It is an amazing concept that supports wholeness and does not focus on fractions only. Human body is a fascinating and unique structure that should be addressed in its wholeness and reductionism such as treating specific parts only should be avoided.

Reflexologist uses gentle pressure, stimulation and massage of the reflexes on the feet to rebalance and recalibrate your system. It is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates your own healing system to be reactive and maintain optimal wellbeing. The treatment lasts about an hour and it provides multiple benefits – improves circulation of the blood and lymph, boosts energy, promotes relaxation, reduces stress and tension, strengthens immune system and much more!

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage offers Balance and Harmony. Balanced body & mind creates terrain for our growth, happiness, and successful & meaningful life. 

An initial session requires short consultation to establish possible contraindications and find out client’s preferences. 

Full treatment with an initial consultation is provided by a fully qualified, registered and insured therapist – Renata Mihalikova.

Renata’s membership in the NRRI gives you an opportunity to claim your Reflexology treatment cost through your insurance policy (Irish Life Health, VHI Healthcare, and LAYA Healthcare. Please check your policy with your Insurance provider).

Price list:

Reflexology full treatment (1 hour ): € 55

Fertility Reflexology (1 hour ): € 55

Oncology and Palliative Care Reflexology (1 hour ): € 55

Oncology and Palliative Care Reflexology (30 min ): € 30

Hand Reflexology (1 hour ): € 55

Indian Head Massage (40 min approx): € 45

Combined treatment of Reflexology & Indian Head Massage: 90 min approx: € 90

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