About Us

Meet the founder

Renata Mihalikova

I was born and raised in a place where the access to well water, home grown fruit and vegetable, wild foraged food and plants as a medicine were just normal to everyone. I’ve eaten the best organic food and spent most of my days outdoors. I never really appreciated or put any value on something that was available to me on a daily basis and I’ve often become frustrated with work and chores that involved production of all those beautiful foods. As I grew up, I got disconnected with the Nature and ended up for almost two decades in a Casino industry with long night shifts.

No more organic food and well water, lack of fresh air and sunshine, hectic work and disrupted circadian rhythm, stimulants, inadequate nutrition…a combination that is not long term compatible with the natural way the human body is meant to work. During this period I’ve experienced and discovered weaknesses in my body, and after unsuccessful treatments with conventional medicine, I’ve reconnected with Nature and fully focused on holistic wellbeing. With Herbal medicine support, reintroducing organic foods, with a reset of circadian rhythm and a good night sleep, with regular exercise, fresh air and sunshine, with a slight change of mental and emotional state, I’ve got an opportunity to rebuild and rebalance myself. 

As a qualified Herbalist and Naturopath, I’d like to share what I have learned and experienced, and I would like to encourage you and help you on your journey to support and maintain your wellbeing. I use Reflexology and Indian head massage alongside Herbal formulas and Naturopathy to achieve maximum benefit and holistic approach.